Friday, 4 December 2015

Latest in beauty Christmas crackers 2015 😍

To start off with, I am not 100% sure if all these crackers are different, or if everyone gets the same products. The crackers are available from HERE 
And cost £12.95 for the 3 - (rrp £18.95)

Which is amazing as the bio effect serum is worth £24.99 on its own, which must be the star product in these Christmas crackers. I have tried this product before and it is a very good product. 

The full size items are the popbands, which are a regular item in a few beauty boxes that i've tried recently, The L'Oreal lipgloss thing, burts bees lip balm, the gorgeous teeez nail polish (see below pic- two coats being worn)all of which add up to more than the £18.95 before you even get on to the minis. I'm not sure whether the revolution blush is a full size or not. 

One of my only critiques of this selection of products is the fact that 90% of these products have appeared in other beauty boxes before, so any beauty junkies would have probably tried these already. 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Today's nails Towie inspired

This is a mix of one of the nails inc foil shades with a nails inc glitter on top

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Lush lip scrub in Santa is a gorgeous cola flavored lip scrub which at full price was £5.50 (currently £2.25 but sold out in most lush stores) this was a limited edition product for winter 2013. 

the first thing i thought of when trying this was those little cola cube suck sweets that you used to be able to buy in sweet shops.

it also has cute little edible glittery hearts in the scrub ^^

in all i admittedly wouldn't spend the original price on this product, however in the sale this scrub was a bargain.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Xmas eve sale haul!!!!

How good is this! (Excuse lack of formatting I'm updating from my mobile) ordered Sunday night at 9pm and it's Tuesday aka Xmas eve and all my mandmdierect sale stuff is already here!!! If you've never been on the website I'd check them out 

Firstly classic short ugg boots, in a dark blue! I snapped these up reduced from £109 to £69! M&m are also the only outlet authorised to sell uggs at a discount price. So well worth a check out if your after a new pair. 
Secondly these jumpers/cardi is from crew clothing reduced to £22 each from £60 one I'd in grey and one is in wine red also this polo shirt for £10 reduced from £40!!!!this randomly had a tkmaxx label on it so you now know where m&m must get their sale stock!

AMERICAN candigirl beauty box December -review-

Please note this box is designed for children. When you subscribe to this box you fill in a survey with your child's likes/ dislikes (my child's profile? 5 years old, likes make up, hello kitty and hasn't got pierced ears) the box is also personalised with your child's name, which is a lovely touch.

The products;
Rainbow lolly (my daughter has apparently "always wanted a rainbow lolly"-easily pleased!)

Hello kitty crayons

Strawberry scented hair Bands which you can turn into a bracelet
Glittery all natural body lotion (she loves this)

Piggy polish nail polish which is amazing and smells almost like popcorn (may do a review on this myself at a later date!)

Twist bands (got these in an adult Jolie box and their fab!)

Lip balm (haven't tried this yet)

And a justice brand bracelet.

In all perfect and all is age appropriate :) 
Shipping was very quick from America.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Nails inc Xmas crackers

So on ASOS the nails inc cracker set is proper bargain us at the mo ££22 for £69 worth of nail polish. below i have copied the list of what polishes you get here as i'm too lazy to read them all. *sortry guys this is now sold out* Each cracker also comes with a cute fashion quote instead of a joke!

I chose these because not only were they a bargain, but you get a good range of effects/ shades in this set that i wouldn't normally have bought. 

Mayfair Mews – navy Fibre Optic polish
Baker Street – cobalt blue
Marylebone Lane – red full coverage glitter polish
King’s Road – rose gold Foil effect polish
Kensington High Street - deep wine polish
Trafalgar Crescent – silver Galaxy polish

NOTD! Nails inc fibre optic Mayfair mews

This is such a pretty polish in the bottle,  but it's horrid to apply as it's so sloppy and hard to get right.

it has a kind of tinsil effect which is super pretty. but is so hard to work right without it looking like the glitter fairy has taken a poo on your nails. these retail for about £10 each i think.